Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or an advanced forex trader, Zulutrading is suitable for you and will help you forget the losses in your past forex trades. With Zulutrade platform, there’s no need to keep awake all night staring at your computer screen to know if your open trades are losing or gaining. Only come back when it’s time to collect your profits or when your attention is needed. How in the world would can this risky ,trader LowestDD if we can even call him a trader have been able to do this ? I will tell you how because they trade on demos with UNLIMITED CAPITAL, while me and so many other got margin calls by this same fooloish provider.

Firstly, a warning to all – the Signal Providers on ZuluTrade are using DEMO accounts. They have no money at stake, and nothing to lose but your money.

This means that if you use copy or mirror trading with AvaTrade, you are essentially gaining valuable access to the minds of seasoned traders. This allows you to copy their trades and hopefully benefit from their experience. The strategy developers are compensated for every signal that was mirrored by the Mirror Retail foreign exchange trading Trader’s users. They can send their buy and sell signals to the Tradency servers by EA, TradeStation or API. Because the strategies are running on the strategy provider’s side they always remain confidential. The strategy providers can also leave a detailed description of their strategy and trading experience.

Traders or Signal providers trade without factoring in swap or interest in accounts. Certainly seeing at what price level the positions were closed or what price level sparked a debate can be interesting, but we are not really sure how constructive or formative it can be from a trading point of view. Furthermore, over time it can be seen that most of the comments or votes are nothing more than negative reviews left by users who most likely expected to get 100% earnings and get rich overnight. Viewed from the other side, each month the follower pays the trader 20% of the profits he was able to make thanks to that trader. If a follower replicates a EURUSD trade of 1 lot, the trader earns $5 (0.5 pips).

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Many brokers have PAMM, MAMM programs, copying services and much more. I would also like to see a wider range of brokers that you can use for signal provider. Overall i enjoyed zulutrade website, where you can trade with lots of features,they have copy traders signal also known as following other traders signal it’s pretty much helpful for new traders. We would like to thank our user base for their continued trust in our services, throughout these 13 years that we have been in business.

I have account with Zulu for 3 years and I funded it 10 times at least in this period. I only regret that I spent so much time and money before I realised what’s going on. With this option, you do not need to exert time looking for the right Trader to follow. It is in ZuluTrade’s best financial interest for our users to be successful and to maintain enduring, lucrative relationships with them. i am WARNING you 100% even if you do find a good providor, zulu and your broker will do everything in their power to make sure you FAIL. My advise is, if you want to follow, make sure you use and manage the margin call o meter correctly, it’s very effective. Zulutrade is a marketing company without any real value and working solutions.

Through this offering, ZuluTrade customers can copy a high-performing Trader’s signals and strategies, removing the need to speculate themselves and instead follow more experienced market participants. Once you made a selection, you select how much to invest in each provider in terms of lots. Mirror Trader’s account management functions also let you limit the number of trades you allow open per strategy and set a monetary limit for the maximum loss you is zulutrade a trading solutions provider we can really trust are willing to endure for the strategy. You can also view current open trades and close them from within the platform at any stage . The account and risk management settings are fairly intuitive and give you some flexibility in how to protect your account. You have a variety of filters you can apply to find a strategy which matches your risk profile. In addition, you can export all data to Excel as well if you want to do some more advanced analysis.

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Profitable traders can register as a “Signal Provider”, and “Investors” can copy the trades and make profits with them. High -leverage trading can be extremely volatile and cause substantial losses.

You can of course create your own signals, by using technical analysis and implementing studies and indicators on to your trading charts. Thank you again for taking the time to share your experience with us. And what do you think, all these about 1000 dollars of commissions were paid back to the users who paid for them, or Zulutrade kept them for themselves, taking them from the users and not paying the trader? Can it be called a fraud in this case, or what is it called? However, they still take commissions from followers for my work. And I can suspend my Zulutrade account only when all orders on the account are closed. All trademarks, service marks, trade names, trade dress, product names and logos appearing on the site are the property of their respective owners.

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has repeatedly demonstrated reckless behavior, and proof of that is the fact that his trading signals have remained unattended for more than twenty days. Therefore, we will have to take all appropriate action in order to protect our clients’ best interests. Please check AAAFX official website or contact the customer support with regard to the latest information and more accurate details. Similarly, the point value of this order is 1$/point, so if the total open positions reach a low of 144 points (-144 points, each order will lose nearly 48 points), his account equity will be 356 US dollars. Trader B can issue a maximum unit trading volume of 50,000 (0.5 standard lots) and decides to use 60% of the total funds to trade. In fact, when you overuse leverage, you also overexpose potential transactions in your account and cause losses.

Whether you’re a first-timer or an experienced trader, our signals take the pressure off by telling you where and when to invest safely. If you’re not comfortable with making this information public, you can contact us stating the amount of funds available in your Zulutrade account and we’ll reply you with the recommended settings for maximum profits. If you are still wondering whether this is a safe option, you can cancel the contract at any given time.

Another thing is that some trades are suddenly closed and I get a message from my trader that the SL nor TP was hit and trade was suddenly questionable closed. The word is the owner of zulutrade that goes by the alias LEON is robbing his providers of their commissions. Also these post from the last couple month Retail foreign exchange trading are false.Zulutrade is a mere scam they don’t even have good provider in the first place. If a provider has a losing month they will take his or her commission for themselves. so you see he is either having serious financial problems or he has know clue of the difficulty it is to make money trading forex.

Zulutrade Scam

Then start trading with small money, 2000 euros for example, and choose a signal provider that will never, I SAY never, will have more than 2 trades open at the same time. Also choose a provider with trades a month for the past 3-4 months. Never choose a provider with history less than 30 weeks at least. Avoid scalpers, it will never work, and it doesn’t work anyway, even without Zulutrade. Scalping will make you some money the first week, then you can never make it because the brokers have something called THE DEALING DESK (even if they claim they don’t have one). Zulutrade can make you a 50% return on investment with no sweat. It’s possible that between 100 traders 1 can make it, but it’s like surviving after a plane crash.

I now have enough experience and very good results to start going live. At the end I got VERY SICK of such poor service and poor signal providers. The signal providers open too many position at once and don’t care about the drawdown which killes your capital. The National Futures Association has filed a complaint against one of the very first, and most widely used social and copy trading platforms in the retail FX industry – Zulutrade. Did you figure that all out by yourself Nick that Forex is a a risky business? Forex in my opinion is much more riskier than other forms of instruments because its much more prone to Supply/Demand and Economic/Political news. They cheat, first throwing off their providers in the rankings, when they begin to earn money, and then redraw their trade to avoid paying the money.

Under normal market conditions, after the market opens, you will see that the opening price of the currency pair is very close to the closing price on Friday. In order to allow trading actions in a timely manner after the market opens, the trading server begins to prepare related services and update quotations before the market opens. AAAFx’s trading hours start at 22 o’clock every Sunday night until the market closes at 22 o’clock on Friday night. When the price of BTC/USD is 700 USD, you need a 140 USD margin to open the minimum trading contract . If you enter the market, be ready to prepare for a volatile environment where changes take place every minute with no breaks.

Additionally, the search functionality is pretty tricky making it hard to properly evaluate which signal providers to follow. It also not possible to download full historic performance which prevents users doing sophisticated offline analysis of signal providers trading history. The Profit-Sharing account is subject to a 20% performance fee, but only if certain conditions are fulfilled, and if the portfolio Foreign exchange reserves is profitable. Swap rates on overnight positions apply, the exact fees can be obtained from inside the trading platforms. Corporate actions like dividends and takeovers apply to equity, index, and ETF CFDs. Simply put, both of these social trading platforms have fees spreads than standard Forex brokers, but they both offer an ease of use that standard brokers do not or cannot usually provide.

The Best Free Forex Signal Provider You Can Trust With Your Money

If the balance on your account goes into negative, you will be protected. FXCM provides a demo account, although only for certain countries. FXCM also sends free educational material via email when you open a demo account, which is a nice touch. FXCM is primarily a forex broker with some CFD and cryptocurrency instruments. Just like Trading Station’s web version, the desktop trading platform hasgreat customizability.

I hope it will continue to expand day by day and we will benefit from this as it has created a new stream of income for us which we are constantly benefiting from. To the creator of endless love.I hope that it’s truely increase earn way day by day. We must point out that Mr. T.F., like all Traders in our community, is not a client of our platform, but rather a freelance service provider. An excellent broker, with very very low spreads and excellent speed in the execution of operations.

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