Working with multiple hospital groups we understand the diverse need of our clients. That is why we supply the most needed frontline protective equipment. Whether it is hospital bed sheets or the highest quality surgical gowns, we are here for you and your patients.

Providing the right care for your patients is just as important as having the right equipment available. We provide assistance for you and your patients every step of the way, from inpatient to outpatient care, chemotherapy treatment, and more.

Businesses need now more than ever the right protection for both themselves and their customers. We are proud to say we can provide the most in demand supply of masks, sanitizer, gloves, non-contact thermometers, and more in accordance with current business health regulations. 

Our Services

Helping your team stay safe, so you can focus on what matters


Supplying offices with the highest quality isolation gowns and lab coats to help meet the current climate of needed safety standards with their patients


Back to school season means pediatric offices and physicians need now more than ever to help keep themselves and their patients safe. Ask us about how we can help you meet new safety standards


Health Care

Providing healthcare professionals and clinics across the country with the most in demand medical supplies, keeping them protected on the frontlines of patient care


Delivering the most critical supplies to frontline workers of surgical gowns, isolation gowns and more because their safety is our number one priority

Knowing you have a properly supplied staff treating you is what makes the difference in your confidence and trust of your doctors and healthcare providers.

Jhone Russhel
When I am in the OR (operating room) I want to know I am protected and not have to worry about the quality of my equipment, having this peace of mind helps me do my job better.
Tacettin Gucer