As technology continues to advance, so does laptop computers. That is why so many leading laptop brands including Dell, HP and Acer produce great performing, feature-rich laptop models. Among the most recent laptops on the current market, the Predator Triton 500, is able to combine portability with powerful capabilities thanks to its mobile design and innovative dual core processor.

The Predator Triton 500 is popular with business users, especially executives, that it is available with an optional Core 2 Duo processor, allowing for backend processing. This means your laptop will be able to perform faster and more efficiently than previously, especially when used in conjunction with an integrated graphics card along with a dedicated graphics card. And thanks to the spacious keyboard, which doubles up as a trackball, it’s possible to easily operate on your notebook for hours on end.

In various ways, the Triton is a mini desktop PC – strong, portable, strong, yet lightweight and easy to carry around. Ideal for travelling, the Triton is an excellent option for the two office use and for fun on the move.

One of the greatest things about the Predator Triton is how effortlessly it switches between applications. Once the notebook boots up, it runs applications like Office, Internet Explorer and Skype in split screen mode, allowing you Predator Triton 300 Laptops to multi-task whilst you are on the go. If you switch back to your desktop PC, it automatically boots up again, enabling you to keep on playing or working without needing to switch between windows. In fact, the notebook is so flexible that you can use it as a mini desktop PC when attached to a full-sized monitor.

In addition to running all of your office apps on your notebook, you can also use the notebook for a gaming PC. It’s been equipped with two AMD Athlon processors and more than 1GB of RAM, so even should you not require extreme power, the laptop will be able to handle high-end picture and CPU games. Playing video games has never been simpler, and due to the integrated double HD graphics card and a powerful processor, the Predator Triton will let you play the latest games on high detail resolutions. The strong graphics engine means that all of your gaming will be fluid and realistic.

For business travelers, the large hard disk and spacious laptops create keeping everything in order exceptionally simple and hassle free. Even when you are going on vacation, you can rest assured that all of your important paperwork will be securely stored on the laptop in the event you get an opportunity to discard it.

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