I say you give them a try, just be careful what broker and signal provider you choose. Anyway, even though they take a small pip spread, its a great program – BE SURE to demo anyone before you follow with real money. I looked at the reviews to find criteria to choose profitable providers but found none.

Allowing your new customers to activate a demo copy trading account will provide them with the first profitable trades and allow them to learn from your best traders. Launched in 2008, ZuluTrade has become one of the largest social trading networks in terms of active traders. ZuluTrade until has focused solely on Spot FX with over 30,000 signal providers sharing their positions with users of the social trading network. Non-exchanged traded Binary Options as offered by SpotOption powered Binary Option brokerages have received a lot of criticism due to many seeing them more akin to gambling. Despite this the instrument has gained a degree of popularity and this is reflected by ZuluTrade’s move into the Binary Option sphere. ZipSignals allow signal providers to provide their signals via demo or real accounts, though in reality the majority of the platforms signal providers use to demo accounts to provide their signals. Many people prefer to only follow signal providers who are risking their own funds, for these people the list of eligible signal providers will be much smaller.

Operating since 2008, the FMP team provide access to three forex trading systems and a bunch of step-by-step training videos to get you up to speed. With more and more forex traders looking for where to get free forex signals, many false “free forex signal providers” are being established and providing false signals that ultimately lead to the trader’s doom. I would love to see these reckless providers such as LowestDD trade with real money .This way if he did not use a real account he would be the BIGGEST LAUGH in the Forex world. Zulutrade in fact pay their signal providers half a pip per lot traded, about $4. Boy did THE ACCIDENT HAPPEN, take a look at the date of Jan 07, 2010. OVER 20 trades which were open at the same time that ALL ended up in HUGE losses, EACH TARDE lose over 350 pips per lot.

Typical Spreads And Fees

Margin Call-o-Meter- Gives estimates of the chances of a trader running out of money, for instance, if they get a margin call. With this feature, you can actually determine how much capital lies at risk if you decide to execute a trade. Zulu Trade- Social and Copy trading platform offers forex cryptocurrency and BinaryOptions.

I signed up on zulutrade as a signal provider and successfully managed to get in the top 30 in the rank, it was a long road to get there and i managed to reach it with a 90% profit winning trade. AAAFx provides the MT4 Platform for your manual trading, as well as the ZuluTrade network signal trading platform, which is used to copy traders’ trading signals or conduct manual trading. Demo accounts, which are an essential part of Forex broker offers, are usually free and give you the opportunity to practice and test the capital market. Minimum deposits are acceptable and do not harm the reputation of the broker, in contrast to high fees. Investors will connect their MT4 trading accounts to their ZuluTrade account.

I want to see them go live and blow out their accounts like they done to me and so many other users. I want to see LowestDD open 26 to 29 trades in the same fashion in which he has done over the last 3 months and were ALL 26 trades have had floating losses of over 550 pip for each position. The question to Zulu Trade like if they needed reminding again is, why are the risky provider always in the top ranking? These trader and at least 80% of them open more than 7 to 20 trades at once ,have huge floating losses over 600+ pips and have NEVER NOT ONCE had a margin call. The way Zulu ranks their providers is very very misleading since providers are ranked by the amount of trades they open.

The second factor you need to consider is the trading strategy you plan on using and the market on which you want to focus on. Essentially, you can utilize short-term or long-term trading strategies. In that aspect, most traders agree that a high leverage ratio is more beneficial when you day trade or scalp trade. This way you can forex analytics avoid overnight risk as well as overnight fees. Otherwise, if you plan on taking long-term positions, then you better use a low-medium leverage ratio in order to better control your account balance. I am also a signal provider and have noticed that most of the issues reported are not due to Zulutrade but most often the brokers.

However, using the ZuluTrade platform also involves significant risks and could lead to some incurring significant losses. As with all forms of trading, social trading involves significant risk. I would suggest that those who are interested in trying out social trading at ZuluTrade first open a demo account. If users are significantly impressed by the platform and it’s signal providers during the demo period, they should cautiously consider opening a real money account. While remembering not to risk money they can’t afford to lose. Basically, it allows traders to acquire a level of automated trading to copy the trades of traders experienced in foreign exchange and financial markets.

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With the numerous resources availed to you in the form of copy trading and social trading tools, you can make an impressive amount of money as an investor. Novice investors can learn the various strategies as they copy the examples set by other traders, and in this way gain money. The expert traders can earn from being compensated every time a copy trader makes a profit. Given the vast partnership, users have a selection of assets to trade on this social trading platform, including cryptocurrency. ZuluTrade offers two account types, namely Classic and Profit-Sharing Account. If you take the time to identify good traders to copy you aren’t taking any more risk than when trading your own account.

The more leverage you use to trade, the faster losses may also accumulate. In addition, when the margin ratio in your MT4 account reaches 100%, the information bar showing the margin and net value will change from gray to red. Generally, you need to have enough margin in your account to maintain the current open positions, while being able to withstand potential downside risks.


My general point is that the network is very good and functional to sell to others. Julutrade is a completely decentralized cryptocurrency data analysis and prediction system. It has the ability to predict trends in the crypto market using data in the means of earning income. Cryptocurrency investors will enjoy a great trading experience by driving towards maximum profits. reached out to our Currencies forex Support Team to report that his ranking on our platform had dropped significantly. At first glance, it was obvious that his Trader account was disconnected from his Demo MT4 account, which was provided by an unaffiliated, third party broker. Our team rushed to link his Trader account with our internal virtual broker, in order to make sure that his trading signals were not left unattended.

The platform also goes beyond just FX trading, with users being able to trade a range of Commodities, Precious Metals, Bitcoin and popular Stocks on the platform. This is something that sets eToro apart from the other services mentioned in this article. The average pip gains on these social trading platforms are at least per trade. A broker named as TrendingFund have made over $15000 profit for their live followers. There are various such brokers who are making limitless profit from such social trading platforms.

ZuluTrade’s priority is to ensure the safety of its clients’ capital. For this reason, Traders who violate the trading rules and put Investors at high risk are investigated, and if they abuse the company’s services, sanctioned or eliminated. Thank you for this review and for having been one of our signal providers for 10 years now. I’m sorry to hear that the platform does not meet your expectations anymore, but I really appreciate you bringing this to my attention and allowing me to share the core rules governing our platform. By trading with securities and derivatives you are taking a high degree of risk. You should start trading only if you are aware of this risk. If you fund your trading account in the same currency as your bank account or you trade assets in the same currency as your trading account base currency, you don’t have to pay a conversion fee.

Founded in 2007 by Leon Yohai and Kostas Eleftheriou , ZuluTrade is a financial services company that operates as an interconnection platform between various brokers. In order to trade with ZuluTrade you will need to open a trading account with one of the recognized partner brokers. Accounts from this group are opened for professional traders, qualified as professional account managers, who may offer is zulutrade a trading solutions provider we can really trust their professional services to the public. Such types of accounts are opened for ZuluTrade’s clients on individual basis as a result of their direct negotiations with ZuluTrade’s specialists regarding terms and options of working under such investment programs. As soon as you make a decision about which instruments and on what markets you’re going to trade, you should open a trading account.

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The management is accomplished by professional traders, albeit investor can select on their own particular managed accounts that piqued their interest, analyse their growth dynamics and decide where to invest their money. With ZuluTrade you don’t need to know how to trade or have trading strategies to make profit by yourself. I’ve been trading on Zulutrade for 2 years, testing dozens of strategies. Check my account Adrian Trader IV for a strategy which has been working for 8 months.

The Jefferies Group is a strong parent company, as it has an investment banking background and is listed on the New York and London stock exchanges. The banking background indicates higher security, since the bank can provide additional funds in case of insolvency. The strict regulation for banks also results in higher safety for you. Meanwhile, the stock exchange listing increases transparency, as the company publishes annual reports. FXCM investor protectionCountry of clientsProtection amountRegulatorLegal entityUK£85,000FCAForex Capital Markets LimitedAustraliaNo protectionASICFXCM Australia Pty. LimitedSouth Africa and some other African countriesNo protectionFSCAFXCM South Africa Pty. LimitedEU€20,000CySECFXCM EU LTDAll other clientsNo protectionBMAFXCM Markets LimitedFXCM provides negative balance protectionfor retail clients onboarded under FCA regulation and trading with spot forex or CFDs.

The social trading network boasts a huge number of users to follow and some the networks traders have boasted impressive historic performance. Overtime the network has introduced much more complicated filtering allowing for traders to better analyse the past performance of those using the social trading platform.

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The Profit-Sharing account type, on the other hand, displays a fixed cost of $30 per month in addition to a 25% performance fee when conditions are met. The platform offers multiple investment products including Stocks, Cryptocurrency where you can buy, sell and store Bitcoin and other leading cryptos with ease, and CDFs for long-term and short-term investors. This kind of trading forex is popular among the new traders for the very reason that it comes with reduced risk, better analysis as well not having to spend money just to get started in the world of trading. You can check our service at our official website or contact our 5-star customer support with your ZuluTrade username that will be in help with anything you need via Chat, email or Phone.

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